Benson Competition Results

Regional Results for Benson 2016

The Benson BPA Chapter had excellent results at the Region 7 Conference held at Alexandria Community and Technical College on January 29, 2016.  Seventy-eight students competed at the conference and 67 will be advancing to state. Below are the results. Those names that are highlighted are the students advancing to the State BPA Conference March 10-12 in Minneapolis. 

Administrative Support Concepts:
Nicole Ascheman-1st Olivia Vergin-2nd, Zachary Burns-5th Anneka Duncan-Honorable Mention 

Administrative Support Research Project-individual:
Allison Payne-1st, Elizabeth Langan-2nd, Grace Ricard-3rd, Sydney Laumeyer-4th

Administrative Support Team:
Team A-1st Krista Hilleren, Courtney Johnson, Hanna Lindblad, Ashley Tolifson
Team C-2nd- Anneka Duncan, Gracie Grussing, Olivia Vergin
Team B-Honorable Mention: Nicole Berens, Justin Gossen, Cole Vergin, Sophie Ascheman
Team D-Honorable Mention: Nicole Ascheman, Hannah Hanson, Elizabeth Langan

Advanced Accounting:
Ashley Tolifson
-1st, Olivia Vergin-2nd, Zachary Burns-3rd, Joshua Bailey-4th, Danielle Himley-5th

Advanced Interview Skills:
Jeff Arnold-2nd, Grace Ricard-3rd, Courtney Johnson-4th Honorable Mention: Rose McDonald

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures:
Rachel Ecklund-2nd, Joshua Bailey
-3rd, Cole Vergin-5th, Alexis Erhardt-6th, Honorable Mention: Kevin Johnson, Abbey Hoffman

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications:
Cole Vergin
-1st, Conner Stewart-3rd, Jaydon Smith-4th, Michael Thompson-5th, Samantha Steckman-6th Honorable Mention: Ellie Schiller, Aryn Minor

Advanced Word Processing:
Courtney Johnson
-2nd, Matilyn Short-3rd, Rachel Ecklund-4th, Henry Dammeyer-6th, Honorable Mention: Marta Zurn, Michael Thompson

Banking and Finance:
Conner Stewart
-2nd, Allison Payne-3rd

Basic Office Systems & Procedures:
Justin Goossen
-4th, Erin Dubbels-5th, Honorable Mention: Ellie Schiller

Business Meeting Management Concepts:
Conner Stewart
-2nd, Anneka Duncan-3rd
Computer Programming Concepts:
Michael Thompson
-4th, Matthew Lenarz-5th, Honorable Mention: Benjamin McGee, Jeff Arnold

Computer Security:
Benjamin McGee-4th

Database Applications:
Christopher Ebnet-1st, Beau Norby-2nd, Sophie Ascheman-3rd, Max McDonald-4th, Presley Gonnerman-5th, Zachary Burns-6th, Honorable Mention: Samantha Steckman

Digital Publishing
Beau Norby
-1st, Grace Arnold-2nd, Gracie Grussing-3rd, Mike Johnson-4th, Jenna Smith-5th, Erin Dubbels-6th

Economic Research Project:
Grace Ricard-1st

Economic Research Project Team:
Team A-3rd-Henry Dammeyer, Riley Grube, Nathan Habben, Austin Ose

Extemporaneous Speech:
Honorable Mention: Kellie Enderson

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts:
Beau Norby-

Fundamental Accounting:
Anneka Duncan
-1st, Nicole Ascheman-4th

Fundamental Desktop Publishing:
Katelyn Tolifson
-3rd, Gracie Lenz-4th, Jacqui Hanson-5th, Honorable Mention: Rose McDonald

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications:
Eric Hoium
-1st, Jacqui Hanson-2nd, Brenna Knutson-4th, Matilyn Short-6th, Honorable Mention: Olivia Hoffman, Matthew Ebnet

Fundamental Word Processing Skills:
Katelyn Tolifson
-4th,  Brenna Knutson-5th, Madison Gelhar-6th

Global Marketing Team:
Honorable Mention: Team A-Ty Hedman, Danielle Himley, Sydney Laumeyer, Max Peterson

Graphic Design Promotion:

Krista Hilleren
-1st, Hanna Lindblad-4th, Honorable Mention: Sydney Laumeyer, Mike Johnson

Human Resource Management:
Danielle Reuss-4th

Information Technology Concepts:
Michael Johnson
-2nd, Conner Stewart-6th

Integrated Office Applications:
Olivia Vergin
-1st, Nicole Ascheman-2nd, Marta Zurn-3rd, Victoria Pagel-4th, Justin Goossen-5th, Hannah Hanson-6th, Honorable Mention: Max Peterson, Jenna Smith

Intermediate Word Processing:
Erin Dubbels-2nd, Kevin Johnson-5th, Honorable Mention: Jaydon Smith, Leah Molden

Interview Skills:
Joshua Bailey
-1st, Honorable Mention: Nicole Berens

Legal Office Procedures:
Beau Norby
-1st, Conner Stewart-4th, Alexis Erhardt-5th

Management, Marketing, Human Resources Concepts:
Kellie Enderson-3rd

Medical Office Procedures:
Danielle Himley
-3rd, Honorable Mention: Alexis Erhardt

Parliamentary Procedures Concepts:
Olivia Vergin
-1st, Conner Stewart-2nd, Jenna Smith-5th Honorable Mention: Zachary Burns

Parliamentary Procedure Team:
Team A-1st-Abbey Hoffman, Courtney McNeill, Leah Molden, Brooke Norby, Jenna Smith

Payroll Accounting:
Ashely Tolifson
-3rd, Zachary Burns-4th

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting:
Kevin Johnson
-2nd, Michael Johnson-3rd, Nathan Habben-5th, JayEven McGee-6th, Honorable Mention: Christopher Ebnet, Jeff Arnold

Personal Financial Management:
Max McDonald-1st, Hanna Lindblad-2nd, Honorable Mention: Samantha Arends

Prepared Speech:
Allison Payne
-1st, Anneka Duncan-2nd, Honorable Mention: Ty Hedman

Presentation Management Team:
Team C-2nd-Matthew Ebnet, Matthew Goossen, Honorable Mention: Team B-Jonas Habben, Jacqui Hanson, Olivia Hoffman, Katelyn Tolifson, Team A-Aryn Minor, Marta Zurn

Video Production Team:
Brenna Knutson, Gracie Lenz, Danielle Reuss, Anna Samuelson-2nd

Web Site Design Team:
Zachary Arneson, Benjamin McGee, Jaydon Smith, Michael Thompson-1st




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